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Summer Is the Best Time To Buy a Hot Tub and Here's Why

Summer is the time when people typically spend more time outdoors and engage in activities that promote relaxation and leisure. Purchasing a spa during the summer allows you to take full advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy the spa's benefits, such as hydrotherapy, stress relief, and socializing in a luxurious and comfortable setting.


    Welcome to Spa Max, the hot tub superstore designed to find the beginning of your backyard luxury. With the decades of experience we have in the hot tub industry and professional practices, you are guaranteed a new relaxation into your life.

   This places the power of choice in your hands, 75+ spas under one roof without a salesman’s agenda of just selling the one brand they offer and must sell to survive.

    We are unique in that we offer several different manufacturer’s brands in new spas, side by side for you to compare and select what is best for you.


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Spas sorted by the brand in which they have been manufactured by

Spas that are much larger in size, hold more water, people, and have powerful swim jets.

Spas that are used that have been refurbished and tested