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Spas On Sale

Here at Spa Max, we are dedicated to finding the right hot tub for you and your family. What we have done for many of our spas is taken the original pricing and chopped the price based off of many factors. You will see many different brands and models being on sale, allowing you to choose a beautiful hot tub with an easy affordable price.


Bellagio Genova

MSRP $8,388

Sale $5,999


Relax Spa J315

MSRP $7,929

Sale $5,999

J&J SPA 639

J&J Spa 639

MSRP $11,435

Sale $8,999

J&J SPA 640

MSRP $12,912

J&J Spa 640

Sale $8,999

Musical Megan

Musical Megan Hot Tub

MSRP $13,286

Sale $6,999

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