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On this page you will find information on our delivery package, the delivery process, requirements, electrical, warranty and more. This was made for an ease of access to better understand how we handle your purchase.

Delivery Package

At Spa Max, we made it incredibly simple to get everything you need in order to manage and enjoy your hot tub.
Our Delivery Package is $599. 

      If crane necessary, not included in this package​

Delivery Process

Spa Max has a professional delivery crew with over 25 years of experience meaning your spa will be securely transported and delivered to your house and hooked up if all requirements are met, here is a list of our requirements


Delivery Requirements

  • We must have a clear path 42” wide for spas 40 ½ “tall

  • This means 4 wires, minimum 6AWG with flexible conduit. It is the spa owner's responsibility to provide enough wire and conduit already connected to the correct GFCI 50 AMP circuit.

  • 104” minimum height clearance for spas up to 93” wide/ 93” tall on their side plus doll

  • Must have electrical ready.


What Spa Max does NOT provide.

  • Spa Max does NOT supply wires, conduit, fittings, or breakers to complete electrical job.

  • Spa Max does NOT go to store to buy last minute electrical components to finish job.

  • Spa Max does NOT come back at a later date to connect the spa if electrical not ready at time of delivery

Beware Of

  • Gas Meters

  • Landscaping

  • Walls/other obstructions

  • House eves/patio roofs

  • Wires/Cables/other obstructions

  • Stairs/Staircases/ramps

Preparing For Delivery

First, begin by going to the side of your house, the distance from of the opening should be at a bare minimum as wide as how tall the spa is, we usually bring the spa in through the side of your house while the spa is on its side. If we cannot bring the spa through the side, we will need a crane.

Need A Crane?

If a crane is necessary a customer will pay directly to crane operator. Spa Max will schedule and handle all the crane preparation for your hot tub delivery, however in most cases, a crane will not be required to deliver your spas, here is a video of how our crane delivery is carried out.


At Spa Max, we have warranty on all of our hot tubs, from our Brand Name spas all the way to our refurbished hot tubs, we provide warranty's that last anywhere from 6 months to 5/10 years depending on the make and model of that specific hot tub. Warranty's can cover everything from parts, cabinet repairs, labor and more. Call for more information about our wide variety of warranty's for the hot tub of your choice.


Spa Moving?

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