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We are unique in that we offer several different manufacturer’s brands in new spas, side by side for you to compare and select what is best for you.

We also offer a large selection of refurbished spas and hot tubs in just about every brand available at about 1/3 to 1/2 the price of a new spa.

This places the power of choice in your hands, 75+ spas under one roof without a salesman’s agenda of just selling the one brand they offer and must sell to survive. In the past, we had a more typical, common spa showroom where we had one brand in which to choose from. Perhaps an entry level, mid-range and high end in that brand, but usually just that one brand. An average spa store, like ours in the past displays 8 – 20 spas.

As a one brand spa dealer, we had to “sell” you on why this brand is superior to all other brands and why you should own it. We had faithfully been offering this one brand for ten years, set in our ways, we really believed we had the only good choice for people to own. The sale was really all about us and the brand spa we had to offer. This business model still exists in many spa stores today.

When the GREAT RECESSION hit us we began offering multiple brands in used spas and learned that there are a lot of really great spas and manufacturer’s out there and that we should really offer spa shoppers a much larger selection. We stopped choosing favorites and simply bring in all really great spa brands that meet our criteria for quality, amenities and price points, then we present them to you, and get out of the way.

At SPA MAX The Hot Tub Superstore in Corona, we offer as many quality new spa brands as possible, and we place the size and price points side by side for easy comparison shopping. We don’t pick favorites because most manufacturer’s make a good quality spa and there really is no “BEST” spa on the market. We make it easy for you to see many brands, sizes, features and price points, then decide for yourself.

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