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The Water Powered Backyard Swimming Experience

Swim Spas hold more water, offer more area for people and most importantly have powerful swim jets at the end of the swim spa. The purpose of a swim spa is to simulate the flow of a river to swim in place. It is the greatest source of exercise that a spa can provide.


Commander F-1681 

This spa is unquestionably large enough to hold 12 people with our contoured bench seating, it has 81 total jets with 54 rain jets in it's full Vertical Hydrossage, work-out or relax while you share quality time with family and friends. The power of the Jet System V, which includes 2 river jets and 3 faithful jets, is powerful enough for the EXPERT level fitness seeker! Come in and enjoy what this marvelous Swim Spa has to offer!


Swim-Pro F-1325

This is our most popular model for Fitness Swim Spas. Fully control your work out using the two river jets. The F-1325 allows endless swimming at beginner to advanced levels. While you use the fitness handlebars and anchors, you will notice jets at your feet. The F-1325 has bench seating along the tub for your friends and family to join you as you work out.

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